Party Machine MIXES from The Kevin & Bean Show on 106.7 KROQ FM

Some of the mixes that I’ve done for the Radio Show!!

      1. mix1.mp3


      2. mix3.mp3


      3. mix4.mp3


      4. mix5.mp3


      5. Party Machine Set 9 2017.wav


      6. mix 2.mp3


      7. Party Machine Set 7 2017.wav


      8. Party Machine Set 8 2017.wav


      9. Party Machine Set 6 2017.wav


      10. Party Machine Set 10 2017.wav
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Reviews of Mobile DJ Service

Jeff and Sophia-Wedding  July 2, 2016

It was so awesome having you at our wedding last week! Thank you for being there and made our day even more special! Please see below for the review.

  1. Professionalism/Organization/Event Flow

Omar is super professional – he worked with our other musicians to make sure the flow of the music went smoothly and that there was no confusion between transitions. He was extremely organized before the day of the event, contacting our coordinator and sending us documents to help him get a better idea of who we are, how we want the day to go, and the general vibe of all the music.

  1. Music Selection

Great musical selections. He played music based on the vibe of our guests as well. Omar does a great job reading the crowd and going with the flow and energy of the event.

  1. Appearance

Omar looks as professional as he acts. He was dressed very nicely – so nicely that my mom thought he was a guest. When I told her he is our DJ, she said “Wow! He’s so good looking!”

  1. Overall quality of service

Omar provided top notch service, and I really feel we picked a DJ that fits our personality perfectly. We’re both pretty quiet and reserved, and we appreciated that Omar was not one of those corny DJs who totally takes over the entire evening with cheesy music and announcing. He let the music speak for itself.

  1. Sound and Lighting

Great sound, not overly loud, and adjusted based on the energy of the night. We tend to avoid places with live music/DJs because I just can’t stand music that’s so loud you can’t even hold a conversation. Omar’s equipment sounded great in our venue, and he played the music at just the right volume to allow people to talk but also to keep the dancing exciting!

  1. Announcing

Perfect amount of announcing for our small wedding. Omar kept it simple and stayed on schedule.

  1. Items that we can improve upon – none
  1. Rating from 0-10 – TEN! We are so pleased with Omar! We wouldn’t hesitate to call him again or recommend him to our friends and family!


Billy Rios & Claudia Martinez – 40th Birthday Party  July 9th, 2016

  1. Professionalism – Total professional. Gave a shoutout to another fan there and totally made her day. Thank you for that.
  1. Help organizing event – There wasn’t much organizing but you did what was asked when I asked it. Playing the house music when I asked for it and keeping it going.
  1. Music Selection – Music was totally great everyone was dancing pretty much non-stop. You played everyone’s request when they came up to you and asked.
  1. Flow of event – The night went by too quick.
  1. Appearance – Equipment was great looking and you were dressed like a pro.
  1. Overall quality of service – Service was great.
  1. Sound and Lighting – Sound was good.
  1. Announcing – The announcements were great a professional.
  1. Items that we can improve upon – I feel like I hired a pro. Everyone had a great time and the music was a big reason. You played most of the songs on the list I provided and you played songs that I should’ve had on my list. The Spanish selections were great and the House music was totally 90’s house like back when I was in High School. That made the party for sure.
  1. Rating from 0-10 / Definitely a 10.

Thank you so much Omar. Felt like my friend was playing and not just a guy I booked. You took time to talk to my son and a few friends that are big fans of the morning show. Believe me I will use you again for my wedding and I am sure others I know will want to book you too.


Sergio & Isabella – Bat mitzvah  May 21, 2016

Omar was the MC/DJ at my daughters bat mitzvah.  He was a tremendous in help to me by recommending activities for the kids, reviewing my daughters music for appropriate lyrics (& provided radio friendly alternative), & suggested songs for the event.  He was prompt & didn’t need any help with his set up – we didn’t even know he was there until we saw him ready for the event!   We gave him an outline & he filled in to keep it flowing.  I was very grateful for his professional & conscientious service.

thanks again Omar,





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FEB 2016 MIX Download-Electro House



      1. DJ OMAR KHAN FEB MIX 2016.mp3

Download the mix

  1. Sick Like That-Will Sparks & Luciana
  2. Hollywood- AfroJack & Hardwell
  3. Parliament Funk-Knife Party
  4. WTPA-LAXX, Brillz & Ms Williams
  5. Ecuador-Sash! & Olly james
  6. DD Break Jay-Six Thema & Tagi Crush
  7. Beautiful Heartbeat- MORTEN & Frida Sundemo
  8. Make Some Noise-Exodus & Tong Apollo
  9. Lamour Tjours-Dzeko, Torres & Delanely Jane
  10. Slow Mo-Mykos
  11. Mad World-Hardwell & Jake Reese
  12. Old Skull-Damon Rush
  13. 13.Work It-Crankster & Two Loud
  14. Without You-Hillman
  15. The Noise-Fedde Le Grand
  16. PLUR Police-Knife Party
  17. Tribe-Rave Radio
  18. Dream Bigger –Axwell & Ingrosso
  19. Hypno-Gerry Cueto


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Some of the Parody Songs The K&B show have done over the years

      1. White Pants

DL White Pants

      2. Brow Down

DL Brow Down

      3. Beermug So FAT Song

DL So Fat

      4. Bean's A creep Song

DL Bean’s a Creep

      5. Baby Talk-Blah Blah Parody-radio edit

DL Baby Talk

      6. Victor Fuentes call-Adele Hello-Mash Up

DL Adele vs Victor

      7. Really Sucky

DL Really Sucky

      8. Paper Stains

DL Paper Stains

      9. Omar's Tribute to Lukas Graham Song FINAL

DL Omar’s Tribute to Lukus Graham

      10. Kevin Drunkee Song

DL Kevin’s a Drunkee

      11. I Will Follow You After You Fart

DL After You Fart

      12. Hey There Vagina

DL Hey there Vagina


DL Farts

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EDM MIX From November 2013

Who am I pointing AT


  1. Yee-Deorro
  2. Eat Sleep Rave Repeat-Fatboy Slim
  3. All These Raods-Ned & Sultan Shepard
  4. Ode to Oi-TJR
  5. Wicked-Firebeatz and Schella
  6. Steve Aoki vs. Yeha Yeah Yeahs-Heads will Roll
  7. Staars-Tom Star and In Atlanta
  8. Bootie in Your Face-Deorro
  9. Back Off Bitch-Static Revenger
  10. Surrra de Bunda-DJ Gasparzinho
  11. Dynamite-Quintino,MOTI and Taylor Renee
  12. Born to Rage-DADA Life
  13. Amilo-Ziggy
  14. Not taking this no more-Nervo,Beverly Night
  15. Rocker-Alter Ego
  16. Get Ready for this 2013-Steve Aoki remix
  17. Bad DJ-Promise Land
      1. DJ OMAR KHAN MIX1 112213.mp3

Download EDM MIX

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K&B Double December In House Music Mixes 2013

      1. Double D Mix1.mp3

Download MIX1

      2. Double D Mix2.mp3

Download MIX2

      3. Double D Mix3.mp3

Download MIX3

      4. Double D Mix4.mp3

Download MIX4

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Mash Up MIX from 2013

This was a practice run that I never went back to polish so it was never released.  It’s a bit sloppy in places but screw it…hope you like

      1. MASHMIX 012613.mp3


Download Mix Here



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Trance Mix from DEC 2010- Download the crap out of it

Sorry don’t have the playlist…but enjoy it with some TUR-KAY!!

      1. DJ Omar Khan Trance MIX DEC 2010.mp3


DOWNLOAD HERE You’ll be happy you did

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When KROQ was cool they let Kevin and Bean play this

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The Movie I Won an Oscar for.

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